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I was involved with piloting Sonia in the Boston University School of Social Work. Our School investigated many different companies, both in the US and AUS, and found Planet Software not only had the most useful and versatile system, but also their staff was the most willing to work with us to customize Sonia to fit the needs of our specific department.

Jen Schroeder, Administrative Assistant, School of Social Work ā€“ Boston University, USA

Indiana University has purchased Sonia and we are working on the implementation of this program. We love it so far. It allows all entities to work from the one technology platform and will assist us in pulling reports for educational assessment.

Stephanie Lyons, Director of Field Education ā€“ Indiana University, USA

Sonia has been a success for AUT School of Education. The response from our students has been very positive; they are more in control of their placements and like the ease of access for retrieving information. The support the Planet Software staff has given us has been great, they listen, communicate clearly and are quick at responding.

Overall Sonia has sped up our placement process and enabled us to work smarter.

The Placement Team, School of Education ā€“ Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

I programmed the workflow to complete the following tasks:

Placement Allocations Finalised (Students)
- Add SPA (PPD) Form
- Add Interim Report
- Add Final Report
- Add Attendance Form
- Add Payment Claim Form (S/Teacher)
- Add Payment Claim Form (S/Coordinator)
- Email Student (Placement allocations have now been finalised)
- Email Supervising Teacher (Thank you for accepting our PST)

Iā€™m pleased to advise that the workflows all went to plan and made my life so much easier.

I just wanted to report that I LOVE workflow!!!!!!!!!!! šŸ˜Š

Tammy Thompson, Partnerships and Professional Learning Officer - USC Australia

I deal with 18 companies as part of my job and the staff at Planet Software are by far the best. Your support, responsiveness and skills are fantastic.

Vishnu Bhatt, Senior Projects Consultant, IT Services ā€“ Curtin University, Australia

Sonia has been the guiding light this past academic year for not only Field, but the School of Social Work as a whole. We have been able to capture trends and data that previously went unaddressed and unnoticed. The amount of support and availability of Abigail and Andrea and all others who took time to respond to us via "" greatly assisted in this transition. I am excited for what is to come!

Jessica Turner, Field Program Coordinator, School of Social Work - Morgan State University

May I send my thanks for the sterling job done by Planet Software, and in particular the support staff that helped us with our migration.

Philip Shewring, Project Manager, IT Services ā€“ Edith Cowan University, Australia

Sonia gives me all my information at my fingertips. It is so powerful I haven't even begun to maximise its potential. The students find it easy to preference online and allocations are completed quickly. Sonia staff are always happy to assist me wherever they can to ensure Sonia makes my job easier.

Wendy Harris, Placement Officer, School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science ā€“ Griffith University, Australia

Thank you all for ALWAYS listening, always being accommodating and always being a joy to deal with. The product you have grown, together, is just getting better and better with every version and we, as Placements Staff are VERY grateful!!!

Sonya Smith, Faculty Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Coordinator ā€“ University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

The tech support is excellent.

Patti Gross, Field Education Director ā€“ The City University of New York, USA

When it comes to Field Education, there's almost nothing that Sonia can't do!

Beth Lewis, Director of Field Education ā€“ Bryn Mawr College, USA

I have been a Sonia user for 4 1/2 years and while not full exploiting all of its capabilities, I have been very glad of the functions it offers. The one I like the most is how students can nominate their site preferences online and then Sonia can perform an allocation which places the student at a site based on various factors. For me, this is a huge time saver and it is also a lot easier for the students to submit their preferences electronically.

I have experienced great support from the staff at Planet Software. In my earlier days as a Sonia user, I recall making an error during an allocation process, which meant I "lost" some student data about their site preferences. I phoned Planet Software, who restored the missing data in less than 2 hours. That is the type of support I want from a vendor! I enjoy the option of being able to phone and talk with a person - this is a great addition to the email support as I like the "personal touch" provided in a phone discussion.

Planet Software have provided on site Sonia training to us, at our request. Each time the trainers were very professional and obviously knew their product extremely well. Training was targeted to our requirements and provided opportunities for us to look at other functionality in Sonia. At the same time, their trainers were keen to receive feedback about Sonia and (if necessary) look at future changes to functionality.

Paul Wardrop, Clinical Coordinator, School of Health and Human Sciences ā€“ Southern Cross University, Australia