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Intelligent Workflows


Offering a standard framework to get you started, Sonia's flexibility can adapt to your unique programs' needs, so staff can focus on personalized placements.

Automation of workflows, forms, and reports streamline placement processes and ensure all critical tasks are completed - giving students the best experience and saving you time.


A Single Source of Truth

Easy Integration

Centralize data into one platform and avoid having disparate systems that don't speak to each other

Through LTI partnership, Sonia will integrate into your existing systems for seamless data management and easy setup

Real Time Collaboration

Schedule Reporting

Automated messages to contacts allow you to meet deadlines and placement requirements effortlessly

Ensure legislative requirements are met and give your institution the data it needs, when it needs it


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When it comes to Field Education, there's almost nothing that Sonia can't do!

Beth Lewis, Director of Field Education – Bryn Mawr College, USA